Storm Clouds

Security proven to weather the storm

Protect your valuables with strong products built to withstand extreme weather and physical attacks.

Secure your valuables and safeguard your home before disaster strikes.

We recommend the following products for all of your security needs.

Master 必发在线网址 Bluetooth® 必发在线网址 Box

A lock box can be a reliable household security option should friends or family need access into the home during an emergency or if wellness checks need to be conducted for a loved one. To help securely manage home access and minimize physical contact with the device, consider battery-powered options like the Master 必发在线网址 Portable Bluetooth® 必发在线网址 Box or the Master 必发在线网址 Wall-Mount Bluetooth® 必发在线网址 Box, which function via smartphone or a personal code.

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Master 必发在线网址 Stainless Steel 必发在线必发在线网址

Our family of stainless steel padlocks deliver the highest level of security and maximum weather resistance available in a laminated padlock. Before disaster strikes, protect your personal belongings with padlocks tested and proven to endure extreme conditions and withstand physical attacks.

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Sentry®Safe SFW205GQC Digital Fire/Water Safe

With its UL Classified fire protection and ETL Verified flood protection, the SentrySafe Digital Water and Fireproof Safe protects irreplaceable documents and safeguards family heirlooms, from fire and water damage caused by natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, tornadoes or earthquakes. Solid steel construction and a pry-resistant hinge bar adds much needed theft protection during times of post-disaster looting and burglary.

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Sentry®Safe CHW20221 Fire/Water Chest

If you’re forced to evacuate your home, this safe’s portable design, in-lid organizational straps and carrying handle allows for convenient and secure transportation of small personal items such as cell phones, cameras, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports and other small valuables. It features durable construction with ETL construction with ETL Verified water protection and UL Classified fire protection to withstand the physical abuse and water damage of an extreme weather emergency.

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